Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Breaking Up is (less) Hard to Do

Under the category of what will they think of next, a new phone service called Slydial is making it easier to get through those awkward moments (like breaking up with someone) by connecting directly with their cell phone voice mail.

You call 267-Slydial either from your cell phone or a landline, enter the other person's cell phone number and voila. The only caveat is that your phone has to be caller ID enabled, to prevent people from anonymously harassing other people on their mobile phones.

Gavin Macomber, co-founder of MobileSphere Ltd., the Boston-based communications company behind Slydial says the idea for the service while developing a service to lower the cost of international roaming on cell phones. And it actually does have some great business applications: business people wanting to leave reminder messages for clients, or leaving messages for people traveling in faraway time zones without having the phone ring at an odd time of day or night.

That said, the ability to leave really bad news on someone's voice mail box without having to actually TALK to them seems like the most intriguing benefit of Slydial! And isn't that lack of face to face contact the way we like it in these days of e-mailing co-workers who are sitting an office away, and texting people that we could call on the phone?

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